#1 SEO SERVICES in Columbia, SC

#1 SEO firm in Columbia, SC

Here’s why you should work with us at Web Design Columbia SC:

Our SEO Columbia SC strategies help your business to get in front of the people searching online for your services in Columbia and neighboring cities.

Here’s the thing…

If someone in Columbia needs a plumber, they will search for “Plumber in Columbia” or “Plumbers near me” or some other similar keywords.

As a result, many plumber websites will show up on the first page of Google. 

People will visit their websites and at the end of the day, these website visitors will become their customers.


You can increase your Customers by 113% …
… using an SEO optimized website 😃

Why do you need SEO in Columbia,SC?

You have no idea how many leads you are missing out on!

Thousands of people search for a local service every day. For example: In Columbia SC, 720 people search for an electrician on a monthly basis.

If you’re an electrician, you can leverage this opportunity. It’s simple. 

You just need to have a website that is SEO friendly and that’s it!

These 720 people will be coming to your doorstep right from your website.

Your new Customers are waiting for you!

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Why is AuthorityBreeze the Best SEO Agency in Columbia, SC?


Many local businesses like you are leveraging Search Engine Optimization in Columbia SC to promote their businesses. 

Did you know…

In Columbia SC, businesses are competing against each other and they are hiring SEO companies in Columbia SC to multiply their sales. 

According to Nectafy, 88 out of 100 people who search for some local service in an area either call or visit a business in less than 24 hours.

Many people use Google to find locations of businesses.

If you are not there on the first page, people will contact those who are there!

As a result, the competition is getting harder and harder than ever.

In this scenario, typical marketing approaches are not profitable.

Every business is different and needs a custom-built SEO strategy.

One SEO action plan can be profitable for one type of business but not for the others.

It also differs for different locations. We know all this stuff and we want your business to be visible online.

15% off on SEO SERVICES if you run a small business in Columbia, SC or other areas of South Carolina

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Our SEO services in Columbia SC helps you get more customers

You need to become an authority in your location for similar businesses like yours. 

This is where Authority Breeze comes in.

Let’s share our secret recipe of ranking on the first page, we call it “SEO Columbia SC” Recipe.

Every business wants one thing…
More customers…
We want more customers…
You want more customers…

Your business needs to get in front of people who need you.

Our SEO Services will put you on the map!

How Search Engine Optimization in Columbia, SC can grow your Business?

If you put your phone number on the internet, hundreds of your potential customers will call you.

It will make your busy life a hell.

We will change that for you. We develop a system.

This system automatically screens out people who are just there to waste your time.

It selects those people who are a good fit for your business.

Whenever this system will find a good client for you, you will get a notification on your phone.

It’s that simple and easy!

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We bring more customers to businesses in Columbia SC.

SEO for Columbia, SC

It’s 2019 and still many people are unaware of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a FREE way to generate leads for your business. You just need to invest one time on your website.

This will start a stream where you will be getting new clients every day.

It’s not late yet! Even if you start today, this SEO setup will just take a month for proper implementation.


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SEO Columbia SC brings you #1 Google Rankings

Our SEO services in Columbia SC are getting businesses more leads.


If your online store is not showing up on Google's first page, then you are missing out on a lot of sales. We will help you, don't worry!


Our SEO services help B2B organizations in lead generation. We first take into consideration your buyer's needs. Then, we develop a custom strategy plan for you.


Local businesses just need a simple website. This website will be an online salesperson. It will generate leads for you even if you're asleep.


Social Media is very powerful. It can change the graph of your growth if used properly. We generate high-quality shareable content and manage your social media.


SEO cost ranges from $300 upto several thousands. It depends on your website needs.  A few simple optimizations will just cost you a few hundreds. We are transparent in regards to the cost. We will break down cost of each and everything in our 15 minutes call. 

SEO is an ongoing process. We recommend 6 months SEO subscription because it guarantees your brand’s growth.

You need a website. If you don’t have one already, we’ve got you, don’t worry. 😃

It depends on the number of searches in your specific location. Even thousands of people could approach you to get your services. That’s the power of SEO.

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